Special FX

"Prior to any special effects treatment you must receive a patch test at least 24 hours before your treatment, if you do not receive the patch test and wish to proceed with the treatment I will not be held liable if you have a reaction"

For varites of my special effects I use products from the list below;

  • sculpt gel
  • liqid latex
  • spirt gum
  • sculpting wax
  • crape hair
  • ben nye fake blood
  • ben nye scab blood

For each special effect cut it roughly takes around 10-20 minutes. How to know if you have had an allergic reaction to liquid latex or spirit gum if you have a reaction the area of the skin with the product on will appear red, swollen and or irritated, if this is the case you should remove the product immediately, wash the area gently with soap and water and discontinue use to ensure no futher irritation.  If irritation, swelling or redness continues after 24 hours seek medical attention.